Date(s) - 21 mei 22 - 22 mei 22
10:00 - 17:00

Dit event is een samenwerking tussen Jessica van Living Touch en Viktor van MyconsciousKink 
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After a long absence, we are happy to announce a comeback on the road of exploration and discussion of a most important aspect of human behavior, our sexuality in all its forms. A long time to reflect on the necessity of an open space in which to share ideas. A space that is without fear, guilt or shame of this most intimate aspect of our personality. To do this we need to understand where we have come from, the education we have received and the traumas and fears that we carry along with us. We can probably all agree that sexuality has never been addressed properly in our education and we have all had to navigate blindly through this very crucial matter, subject to a strict moral code that precludes all sexual expression that is not considered “normal”. The “normal” being a set of rules, based on a well outdated mindset, that has nothing to do with our 21st century reality. These norms have throughout the 20th century been challenged consistently: Firstly, the women’s liberation movement fighting for the right of women to be seen as humans in their own right and be able to decide for themselves. This was soon followed by the gay liberation movement, sexual liberation, and so on to the world of kink being liberated from psychology books as a pathology. All these movements are still being fought today.

When we talk about sexuality we must know where have come from before we can begin to free ourselves from the restrictions and old thought patterns that continue to repress the way we express our sexuality. With the rapid advance of technology, and in particular the porn industry, I find it immensely necessary to help people to navigate sexuality in a Safe, Sane and Consensual manner. With this in mind I would like to offer an experience in which it is possible to talk about our desires, our fears and our fantasies without judgement. To open doors and bring light to the darker places of our consciousness.

With this project I will talk about Sacred Sexuality and Kink Sexuality, how to understand them and how they can work together. The main focus will be on kink sexuality, to understand where it comes from and how to express it in our “normal” lifestyle. Also, very importantly, to help to navigate through the misinformation, the false beliefs, and above all the dangerous practices that abound in this dark tunnel of confusion.

We will offer 2on-line sessions that will focus on Kink sexuality, Tantra and the Sacred. You will have the chance to ask questions and experience exercises that will help to link Kink to Tantra. Then we will have 2 live sessions in may where I will give hands-on practice in my field of expertise, Restraint; that is, working with ropes and different forms of bondage. But most importantly helping to find your Kink personality and a vital knowledge of safety in the games you may bring to your own bedroom.

I am looking forward to presenting this, the first program, and hope to bring some light to the many questions I am sure you all have.

Program online sessions

  • Theory of kink
  • What is kink
  • The kink umbrella
  • Sacred sexuality v/s kink sexuality
  • Spiritual kink
  • The ritual in kink
  • Self bondage
  • The archetypes

Live session :

  • Shibari bondage
  • The way of the moon and the way of Venus in bondage
  • The ritual in a session
  • Hard bondage
  • In the bedroom with kink What about pain ?


online zoom meetings voor een free contribution:
11 mei 19.30 – 21.00
17 mei 19.30 – 21.00

live sessions:
21 en 22 mei: 10.00 – 17.00

Investering: 125 euro per losse workshopdag, 200 euro voor beide dagen.
online sessions zijn voor een vrije bijdrage

inschrijven met motivatie waarom je deelneemt via info@livingtouch, of via het inschrijfformulier

Bibliography. Lee Harringtong. Sacred kink Galen foes. Decoding you kink Sacred power. Raven Kaldera

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